This is a description of the technical support services provided by RapidCanvas, Inc. to its customers.

1. Support Services

Customer will appoint two (2) individuals to contact RapidCanvas for technical support (each, a “Designated Support Contact”).  RapidCanvas will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any failure of the System to perform as described in RapidCanvas documentation which is reported to RapidCanvas by a Customer’s Designated Support Contact by telephone, electronic mail, or instant online chat.  RapidCanvas will provide the following support services to the Customer’s Designated Support Contact Monday through Friday except for United States nationally recognized holidays:

  • Telephone response to Customer’s request for technical support at (512) 610-5516; and
  • Chat response to Customer’s request for technical support using Slack; and
  • Electronic mail response to Customer’s request for technical support using the address;

2. Response Time

RapidCanvas shall respond to high-priority urgent support requests within 12 hours and lower priority requests within 24 hours, both on business days andweekends/holidays, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Requests marked “Urgent” in any way will be considered urgent.

3. Nonpayment

Customer must be current on their payments to RapidCanvas to receive any technical support.

4. Support Qualifications

These support services are subject to the following qualifications:

  1. RapidCanvas will have no responsibility or obligations for any failure of the System to perform which is caused by Customer’s hardware or equipment; and
  2. RapidCanvas will have no obligation for any failure that is not reproducible by RapidCanvas or Customer;

5. Responsibilities

Customer will have the following responsibilities in connection with the support services:

  1. Provide up to two (2) Designated Support Contacts, and other experienced technical and business personnel to assist RapidCanvas personnel with these support services;
  2. Ensure that each Designated Support Contact has that degree of expertise customarily required to perform a support contact’s duties within an information technology department similar to Customer’s and has attended applicable RapidCanvas training;
  3. Allocate resources and otherwise cooperate with RapidCanvas in connection with the support services; and
  4. If agreed between Customer and RapidCanvas, provide remote access to Customer’s computer network to enable RapidCanvas personnel access to perform diagnosis.