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RapidCanvas has been an outstanding partner in our digital transformation journey. They showed exceptional speed of execution in gathering and analyzing data, and building actionable insights and data apps. Their data science team quickly grasped the nuances of our business and delivered meaningful insights that helped us improve our customer service.
Don Curran
CTO, Shield Leasing
With RapidCanvas turnkey solution, we migrated our legacy knowledge into a modern data stack and automated complex financial processes seamlessly. We use the resulting valuable insights and analytics to make data-driven decisions. Their platform is ergonomic, intuitive, and easy for our team to collaborate and positively contribute to high-value activities.
Ryoichi Sato
Director of Risk, SFR3 Fund
Suzlon is on a journey to use big data and AI to reimagine the future of our business. I am impressed with RapidCanvas as a disruptive AI platform that has streamlined the journey from idea to prototype to production. Their platform is user-friendly, and their AI solutions for wind turbine use cases meet our business needs precisely.
Suunil Narula
Chief of Administration, Suzlon Group
With ready-made production-quality solutions, RapidCanvas makes it easy to integrate AI in multiple industries. The solutions can be easily customized to fit new realities, using a visual language that facilitates understanding for non-technical stakeholders. Their support team provides accurate support to help move your ideas to the platform.
Kelwin Fernandes
Lead Data Scientist, NILG.AI
The benefit of RapidCanvas is that it spans the entire ML pipeline. It provides sophisticated ML templates and a higher degree of performance, compared with other ML platforms. Creating models for any problem was easy and fast. It took less than two weeks to master the platform and now I can handle large, complex data processing on the cloud.
Yassine Hamdaoui
CEO, NeuroData
Modeling in RapidCanvas was very easy, and the out-of-the-box solutions and templates made my development process error-free, and reusable. The testing harness made it simple to analyze each code block, and I could also identify the function of each code part, and maintain it. The platform generates reports I can share with business users.
Gabriel Gomes
Expert Data Scientist, Genesis Data Culture
RapidCanvas is a fast-growing platform to implement ML solutions that can be easily shared with a technical or non-technical client. You can visualize the output of each step and create a better mental map of your whole coding pipeline, letting you spot any bugs you might overlook with a 100% coding paradigm. The support team is open, and quickly solves any tickets.
Paulo Maia
Lead Data Scientist, NILG.AI
RapidCanvas has helped us realize our vision of integrating AI into our demand prediction and inventory management processes. The transition from spreadsheet-based models to RapidCanvas's sophisticated AI model has been a game-changer. We've seen a 35% improvement in operational efficiency and a 50% reduction in time spent on manual adjustments.
Arthur Strommer
Vice President, MTE-THOMSON

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