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RapidCanvas, started by serial entrepreneurs, is building a platform that harnesses the immense power of AI to make it easier for businesses to use AI. Join the top minds in data science and machine learning to create a portfolio of AI solutions.

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Experienced founding team funded by top tier VC

The founders and team at RapidCanvas come with rich experience in the world’s leading tech companies and building successful products in the past. Our leadership team brings in the expertise in building machine learning platforms across large data companies.

The founding team's prior experience includes: being part of startups that went IPO, leading teams that built scaled platforms at PayPal and Google, and
co-founding Simility, a startup backed by top-tier VCs with a successful exit. We are funded by Accel and Valley Capital Partners.

Disruptive technology

Our singular goal is to be the Data Science platform that delivers fastest enterprise AI outcomes from data to AI apps possible.

We accomplish this rapid time to value by three mechanisms.
First, jumpstarting AI projects with our ever-growing library of building blocks (currently @ 40+ turnkey solutions, 200+ data and modeling templates, 300+ connectors to third-party databases and apps).
Second, by being the canvas that lets business users, technical users, and our network of global experts collaborate, explore ideas and build together.
Third, by providing a combination of full cycle auto-ML to auto-configure AI apps with AI co-pilot to add auto-generated custom code.

Global remote-first team

Our team members are spread across the Americas, Europe and Asia. We hire the best talent for the job wherever they are located. We enjoy the benefits and the camaraderie of working together despite being in different locations. We build, learn, and grow together, and are inspired by our unified belief in the power of human intelligence, augmented by data.

Our Values

At RapidCanvas, we pride ourselves on our distinctive culture, which is a blend of our core values that guide our everyday actions. Our culture embodies our unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and innovation, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest quality solutions to our customers.

We understand that flexibility is crucial in a dynamic startup environment, and we strive to strike a balance between efficiency and providing the freedom to the teams to explore new ideas and approaches. In our journey towards success, we empower every team member to own their wellness and growth, emphasizing the significance of physical and emotional well-being. Together, we create an environment that nurtures personal growth, embraces wellness, and paves the way for ground breaking achievements.

Unwavering Customer Focus

At the core of our operations lies our customers. We strive to comprehend their unique needs and aspire to exceed their expectations with our tailored solutions.

Rapid, Solutions-Centric Excellence

Our ethos encapsulates the promise of delivering rapid value and proficient solutions. This unique approach propels our clients towards their goals efficiently, with a value-driven perspective.

Collective Intelligence and Empowered Responsibility

We treasure each team member, fostering a culture of accountability and shared responsibility. Our belief in collective intelligence sparks innovative ideas and robust solutions.

Egoless Collaboration

Authentic collaboration forms the backbone of our work culture. Our emphasis on humility and openness encourages a healthy exchange of ideas and nurtures respect and inclusivity.

Innovation with Absolute Integrity

Innovation is our cornerstone, allowing us to stay ahead in the dynamic landscape. Paired with our unwavering commitment to honesty and transparency, we consistently deliver exemplary solutions.

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